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My mission is simple—to empower you to create a holistic & balanced life so you can find joy in our chaotic & beautiful world. I write essays, curate trusted products & provide insights on Living Simple. Join me. 

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Embrace simplicity. Redefine self & community. Cultivate time & space. Elevate your energy.
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Our modern times call for a whole new way of living our lives and traveling through this world. We’re done with the “Story of Separation”. It’s time to take a collective adventure together. Now. I've gathered all of my knowledge, partnerships & resources into one container for you to use freely & share widely.

Let's create a new story of belonging.


Recent Articles

Staying Simple In Your Business

Staying Simple In Your Business

...For those among us with the bend for entrepreneurialism, even on the smallest of scales, simplicity isn’t a point of pride. The business world is all about the hustle, growth, expansion and exorbitant profits. But what if it’s not? What if now, in this uncertain...

Contracting to Breathe

Contracting to Breathe

In yoga, we expand in order welcome in the deep restorative breath, the pranayama that is the life force and the actual point of yoga. The expansive breathe that powers our physical yoga practice is the vital element that powers the body and mind to the ultimate goal...

The Cost of a Job

The Cost of a Job

Originally published on my Steem account in 2018. One of my favorite books that never strays far from my bedside is *The Good Life Lab by Wendy Tremayne* It’s sort of like a manual for embracing a completely decommoditized life, off the grid, in the waste-stream and...