Our Conversation(s)

To live a simple life, we must first clearly define what simple living means for each of us. My version of a simple life might be your version of a living hell. Staying true to YOU is the key to our entire quest. Our conversations will focus on the deeper aspects of simple living— how we create sustainable livelihoods, holistic lifestyles and how we can feed our souls in our modern reality.

Livelihood + Creation

My generation was taught to go to school, get a good job with benefits, get a mortgage, have a few kids and retire to enjoy your life. Nope. Another path exists. We find this path by merging how we make a living with why we create. That's where our conversation starts.

Holistic + Living

A Simple Life is a holistic one– inside and out. Understanding how to support our body using powerful holistic tools, like medicinal plants, yoga and nutrition will help our bodies become healthier, our energy more vibrant and our lives simpler.

Soul + Desire

The juicy stuff. The WHY behind our drive for simplicity. When we embrace a simple life, we create space for our soul to tap into what we truly desire from this life. The answer is different for each of us, but the desire to create that space is universal.

Our Crew

Crystal Street

writer & artist

Brandy The Hound

sanity keeper


Who Am I?

I’m so many things. We all are. I’m an anomaly. I’m a free spirit. I’m a wild woman and I’m an artist. I’m a rage writer, a photographer, a rockhound, a producer, technologist and digital nomad. I’m an aspiring herbalist, tiny farmer and green witch. I'm a yogi. I’m a nerd and a former journalist. I love nothing more than to stand in front of a fire hose of information, process it all through my reality lens and regurgitate it back to anyone who needs carefully curated information.

Street Cred

My professional hats (and what makes me “qualified” to teach about some of this stuff) include twenty+ years of professional photojournalism, production, communication and digital marketing work. I’ve studied journalism at one of the top universities in the world and won many national awards for my documentary photography. I documented everything from small town farmer’s markets in rural North Carolina to Maoist rebels in rural Nepal. I’ve documented cultural preservation in post conflict communities throughout the Middle East and South East Asia. I’m more comfortable with a camera and a backpack in Pakistan than I am with a smartphone and briefcase in Chicago.

How I Got Here.

I launched A Simpler Story LLC in 2014 as a boutique web production company that supported small businesses, functional medicine doctors and solopreneurs. I’m a facilitator for Desire Map & Fire Starter Sessions and a certified Money Business Breakthrough Coach. I also had a brief executive career with a blockchain startup as a CMO. It’s a fabulous story that I’ll share with you over wine one day.

Here & Now

Healing crystals, holistic nutrition, minimalism, personal data privacy, digital nomadicism (I made that up) and alternative economics have been a part of my life for the past decade or more. I spend a ridiculous amount of time seeking information on how to navigate our current reality and I always land on those five topics. The core of my work here at Live Simple reflects the knowledge I’ve gained doing this research over the years.

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