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CBD is one of those buzz words in the holistic space that many people are overwhelmed by or have tried it once and it didn't work. I hear those two comments almost consistently when people ask me about CBD. (Please click here for an overview of CBD & Cannabis)

Here's the deal: Choosing a CBD is like choosing Olive Oil. There are thousands of producers, millions of types of olives and a massive scale of quality. I know my $3 Kirklands brand olive oil is not gonna taste good on my homemade sourdough loaf. I know that the organic brand, in a dark bottle made from olives harvested from unicorn poop in Italy will taste AMAZING. 😉

As a long-time user of CBD and someone certified in the Fundamentals of Cannabis, I can tell you that source and production methods are EVERYTHING when it comes to a CBD product you can trust and expect relief from. In order to take the guesswork out and know that I'm recommending trusted and proven products, I've selected the following CBD producer to partner with as an affiliate. I use Joy Organics daily and I receive a tiny commission if you click on the links below to purchase.

I've selected some amazing products and organized them by condition or intended outcome. Their products are organic (labeled ones are), broad spectrum (No THC), a new Full Spectrum (less than 0.3% THC) and rigorously tested by third parties so you know exactly what's inside.

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Just for YOU- all day, every day! Simply use my special code: CSTREETSPEEPS & get 20% off your entire order!

Tinctures & Softgels

Tinctures and softgels are great for daily wellness and addressing issues such as chronic pain, chronic ailments or just overall well being. CBD impacts every person differently, so it's best to keep a journal when you're just starting to see what works and what doesn't. I recommend starting with a lower dosage (10mg-15mg) for everyday anxiety or general wellness and the largest dosage you can afford for pain and chronic health issues.

Broad Spectrum Tincture

Lower dosages are great for anxiety/wellness, higher doses for pain & chronic conditions. Click Here.

Full Spectrum Tincture

I'm a big fan of Full Spectrum (less than 0.3% THC). This is a new product I'm so excited to try! Click Here.

CBD SoftGels

Softgels are a great way to get on a solid CBD regimen. I like to combine 10mg softgels with a 45mg tincture. Click Here.

For A Good Night's Sleep

Broad Spectrum Tincture

I would start with a middle dosage for sleep issues & take your dose in the evening. Click Here.

Softgels w/Melatonin

A little melatonin and CBD will help you reach that amazing full night's rest!Click Here.

Nighttime Bundle

How about a CBD bath bomb followed up with some yummy softgels with melatonin? Yes please! Click Here.

Bundle & Save

On The Go Bundle

Designed to help keep you rolling right along, the On the Go Bundle has you covered! Click Here.

Self Care Bundle

GET 50% OFF IN FEB WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Use the code: SELFCARE50 at check out. It's 2021 & we all need a little self care. Click Here.

Mommy Bundle

Lavender bath bombs, gummies and cream- great to treat the mommy in your life– or YOU! Click Here.


Sports Cream

Great to keep handy for post workout to give those aching muscles a little love. Click Here.

CBD Bath Bomb

Take a nice long bath & let the CBD soak in! Comes in packs of 4 with a little Lavender to sweeten the relaxation.Click Here.

CBD Cream

Give your skin and your body a little relief & care with this CBD Cream.Click Here.

CBD Salve

I'm a big fan of the salves. I keep them handy for any issue skin or muscle related. Click Here.

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Just for YOU- all day, every day! Simply use my special code: CSTREETSPEEPS & get 20% off your entire order!

Last but Never Least…Puppies!!!

CBD Dog Treats

CBD treats for dogs are an amazing way to heal your best friend's aches, pains and ailments. I saved my puppy using CBD tinctures & can't recommend it highly enough for your dog! CBD treats are a great starting point for your pupper. I also recommend their pet tincture (currently sold out) and once my dog was used to having CBD in her system, I swapped out her pet version for the human version. The main difference between the pet and human tinctures is the dosage (I use natural, unflavored tinctures). My pup and I share the highest dosage tinctures every day.  Click Here.

Brandy's CBD Story

 My pupper and my familiar, Brandy, has struggled with chronic allergies her entire life. For 7 years we tried everything under the sun to find relief for her leaky gut that manifested in perpetual ear infections and itchy yeast infections on her skin. Splotchy coats, sores and constant itching were her daily, and at 7 years old, I knew we had exhausted all options (holistic and alopathic) and I would need to put her down soon. I gave CBD a whirl again. I'd tried it before, but we had a bad batch from an online pet store and it didn't agree with her stomach. I started her on a pet dosage from my local dispensary and IT WORKED. She now gets 10 drops on her food with each meal of human strength (she's 50 pounds), 45MG tincture along with a tiny dose of prednisone from her vet. After almost 2 years of this regimen, she has almost NO ISSUES! When her seasonal allergies flair up, I simply up her CBD dosage. I can't recommend CBD highly enough for your dog's quality of life! I've also heard amazing first hand stories from friends with older dogs suffering from hip and joint pain. CBD allowed their older pups to walk with less limping and gave them a higher quality of life in their older years. If you have a pup with any issues, please look into CBD. Most vets are well versed on CBD and animals now, so reach out to your vet as well!


Just for YOU- all day, every day! Simply use my special code: CSTREETSPEEPS & get 20% off your entire order!