Welp, it’s May and we’re still sailing through this chaos without a rudder, sail or even a compass. Or so it seems. I feel like I’ve been clinging to the side of a hole-ridden dingy, rapidly sinking in my sea of tumultuous emotions, especially during those monthly cycles. I mean, can’t Mother Nature cut us women some slack and skip PMS during a pandemic. Shouldn’t that be a thing?

Covid is shedding a harsh light on all the cracks in our systems— in society, community, government, health care and even in our personal systems. I’m not here to dwell on what could be or what’s not happening. I do that privately in my new “covid coffeeshop” on my porch with my rage writing. To be published later…much later.

I created this Live Simple Lab last year while noodling with new tech. I just made a container and wasn’t sure what exactly what to do with it. I’m still debating, but getting closer to what feels right– both for me and for you. As an artist, I’m great at getting fired up on an idea, rolling through to partial execution and then letting the project wither on the vine. Those of you who know me well, are privy to those passion-fueled idea vomiting texts, a random website rollout and then crickets. Honestly, half my battle as a creative soul is learning to forgive and accept that side of me that throws everything on the wall to see what sticks.

Live Simple sticks. I don’t know what this platform’s true journey will be– but I know a living simple is not just a fad or a tagline or a trend. Living simple is our natural state of being– it’s what our soul longs for in the quiet hours of the morning, when we’re editing that email for mailing list or plugging those numbers into one more spreadsheet. When we ignore that longing for simplicity, our bodies break down. Our minds begin to crack. Our families fall apart and we enter a perpetual state of crisis, anxiety and stress.

And this virus is showing us– in a glaring and deadly fashion– that simplicity is the natural order of things. Slowing down. Leaning in. Listening for the whisper– Of nature, of God, of Goddess, of Gaia, of our heart, of our soul.

If we can embrace the simple, we can hear the whispers.

I’m taking this time to figure out exactly that simple balance of dharma and seva– doing what I’m called to do and also being of service. For this brief time, the first time in over a decade really, I have a window to breathe. One fortunate outcome, and something I never thought I’d say, of this pandemic is the slapshot aid that’s rolled out and I’ve been fortunate and diligent enough to receive. When my income evaporated in March, I buckled down and dealt with my biggest adulting weakness– my financial shitshow. I put my wounded money-ducks in a row and marched my ass to the self-employed aid channels and fought my way through the red tape. Which is a feat in itself– I truly loathe adulting paperwork and red tape.

And now, I have a brief window of time to breathe, take stock and grow. I mean, at the end of the day, we have to face the reality that there’s a deadly virus bouncing around and if we caught it tomorrow, was today well lived? How do we live to a point of feeling fulfilled when our lives our on lockdown, our communities are shutdown and we can’t even hug one another? Can we be kind enough to ourselves on the days we haven’t fully lived and just try again tomorrow? And for those who have contracted the virus and fought it down, the call for embracing all of life in its beautifully simple form, is loud and clear.

My dharma hasn’t changed during this time of urgency– its amplified. To Create. To Teach. To Connect. What has changed, is how I embrace that dharma. And I feel that we, as a collective, are being called to place our dharma first. What are we CALLED TO DO? What will we do when the world collapses around us? How will we serve both ourselves and each other? What gives us joy? What does the world need now that I can provide?

We’ve stripped our daily lives down to the bare minimum. For those of us blessed enough to stay home for this extended period, our daily lives have been brought down to the simplest of forms. We’ve seen what’s possible when we go hyper-simple by force. But what’s possible when we go uber-simple, by choice? With planning, grace, space and intention— what’s actually possible?

I’m still fleshing out my answers to those questions. I have a feeling this platform will be the vehicle for my dharma, once I gain clarity on my voice, what I’m saying and the technological means by which to communicate (I feel a podcast coming on…). I’m grateful you’re all still here and I hope we can figure these answers out for each other, together.

I get that I’m rambling at this point, and if you’re still with me, shoot me a private chat and I’ll send you a Desire Map goodie to help explore that dharma a bit. 😉 I guess the point of this 1000 word, coffee-fueled essay- is that something beautiful is going to come out of this pandemic– for all of us– and I’d be grateful if we all share the journey here and spread some simplicity to our communities as we grow together.

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