When coffee shops shut down for Covid, I pivoted…fast.

For most of the past decade, I've spent my mornings working in a coffee shop, lulled into creativity from the buzz of humans chatting and sipping delicious espresso shots. Straight. When the world shut down in March 2020, I not only lost my community, I also lost my daily black gold addiction. So, this nomad pivoted to a healthier version of her daily caffeine ritual.

My DIY Mushroom Coffee Hack


Here’s the skinny…


I put the following in my large, 20-ounce coffee cup each morning and then I fill a smaller ceramic cup with the goods so I can have my coffee shop experience. I know, but hey, I had nothing but time in the year of the Covid.

These are approximate measurements. I suggest starting smaller and then wiggling them up based on taste.

I recently began adding a full dropper of Chaga in there for shits and giggles and to support my immune system. Adjust this dosage for taste because the Chaga is pretty strong when added as a tincture, but I do love how my body feels on the Chaga and the extra peace of mind that I'm fortifying my immune system!

I then add the hot water and use my handheld foamer to blend. I purchased mine at Target two years ago for $6 and the little thing is still kickin’ strong.

Why I love ‘Shroom Coffee

What I love most about this recipe is that I get none of the coffee jitters and lots of healthy goodness while I sip. Ironically, a cup of regular coffee leaves me strung out and twitchy, but espresso is my perfect caffeine buzz. Fast high and gentle let down. Since the coffee amounts are minimal, there’s no hard up or down. And I read somewhere that the mushrooms also help your body process the caffeine more gently, but I can’t confirm that for you. I personally can tell the difference and I have a strong jittery reaction to coffee (but not espresso- go figure). And in the age of the Covid, I was blessed to have plenty of time. Meaning by afternoon, I was still noodling on some writing or a website and a second-round was necessary. For whatever reason, my body and brain are conditioned to sip hot bitter drinks while I sit in front of a computer. So, on the second round of the day, I usually increase the mushrooms because of their bitterness and then decrease the caffeine or swap it for cacao if it’s later in the afternoon.

Noodling with the Recipe

I also play with my afternoon recipe and add in Ashwagandha, Satavari, and a little extra Reishi or dandelion extract. I love the Ashwagandha element but be warned it will overpower most of the other flavors. If you’re down with earthy, you’re good. If not, tread lightly.

I just kinda merged this recipe from a few I’d seen online and one from The Rebel’s Apothecary book by Jenny Sansouci. The book is amazing and I highly recommend snagging a copy ASAP. She takes a deep dive into cannabis, CBD, and medicinal mushrooms. She includes tons of juicy science, first-hand experiences, and recipes from herbal gurus and functional medicine experts.

Don’t forget to put a dropper of CBD into your coffee goodness too. I usually add half a dropper of the 45 mg Tincture from Joy Organics. I use natural flavor tinctures and I like the earthy taste of natural hemp. You can alter the flavors a bit by using flavored tinctures, like mint or chocolate, just be sure to start small and increase as you go.

I like to put larger quantities of CBD into my coffee, so I tend to use the less expensive versions from Lazarus for cooking and beverages. Lazarus Naturals makes an amazing CBD that both me and my dog use daily. They utilize a different extraction process than premium brands like Joy Organics, which does alter the taste a bit. Be sure to test the taste before adding larger amounts to your drink. There's nothing worse than blending up some healthy goodness only to have the drink overpowered by one ingredient. 

Bulletproof Your Coffee

And if you enjoy the “bulletproof” approach to coffee, just add your MCTs, grass-fed butter and give her a whirl. I used to be a fan of the DIY bulletproofs before my Muay Thai workouts, but had to put a stop to adding a ton of fat into my coffee when I stopped those intense workouts. Got a little fluffy 😉 Or bundle up your CBD and your MCTs and use Lazarus’ coconut oil with CBD. To bulletproof your beverage, simply add a bit of coconut oil (or MCT oil) and a dash of organic grass-fed butter. Start with a 1/4 teaspoon of each and go from there. Pop the beverage and those additions into the blender and enjoy that creamy goodness. Don't skip the blending part or the drink is just an oily hot mess.

Warning…stay near a bathroom for your first go at bulletproofing your coffee. Everyone's gut is not the same and that much oil can end badly. Once your body is used to the oil content, you can increase the amount of butter and MCT until you find your perfect blend!
While it's more economical to simply blend your own coconut oil with your CBD tincture, I do like knowing the exact dosage of CBD in the coconut oil. I add just a tiny amount and the taste is phenomenal.

Happy Sipping!

That’s how this coffeeshop/espresso hound survived the lockdown without her black gold. Honestly, swapping out my daily espresso habit with something healthier was already on my radar, the pandemic just forced me to do it sooner. Small silver linings where we can find em, right?

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