Over the last decade, I’ve created a network of trusted brands and tools that power my simple life. I’ve been blessed enough to create strong partnerships with some and have highlighted them below. To be clear, I only share products and brands I know, trust and use in my everyday life. Each link is an affiliate, meaning that I’ve bonded with the company to provide you with special access and I receive a small commission for any purchases made using my links. As an ambassador for some of these brands, I’ve been given a special discount code that my peeps (aka YOU) have exclusive access to.

Translation: when you shop with my trusted partners, I’m able to give more of my work away for free and help more people. It’s a portion of the gift economy in action. In a perfect gift economy, we’d all just keep reciprocating our gifts and not need to involve monetary transactions, but we’re working within the current system to change it. I use my commissions to produce as much free content as possible and pay for the server space and apps to run both the Live Simple home base and community.


Resources to Support Your Creation Journey

Commune is an amazing resource for getting grounded and prepared to manifest your livelihood and creation needs. Here are the courses I recommend to get you started:

Charles Eisenstein's Political Hope
Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map
Finding Business Clarity with Sophia Amoruso

Creative Live has a wealth of technical classes for those exploring creative arts or running a creative side hustle. They broadcast many of their courses for free throughout the week, so be sure to poke around and RSVP for some of the free courses!


Fire Starter & Desire Mapping
Fire Starter Sessions Books
Desire Map Books & Journals

To Support Your Livelihood Journey

 Dreamhost is my go-to host and has powered my websites (and my tech biz) since 2009. Affordable website hosting, solid tech support, easy to use dashboards and URL registrations. (And their CEO doesn't hunt elephants for sport– looking at you, GoDaddy!) You can launch your own, self-hosted WordPress blog for $3 per month– themes included!

StudioPress Themes for simple and rock solid reliability WordPress sites.

Elegant Themes (Divi) for upping your WordPress game to something a little fancier and customizable (the site your on runs on the Divi theme)

Carrd sites for uber simple, DIY, single landing page micro sites.

Mighty Networks for creating a private social network and “blog on steroids” to build a community around your passion.

And if you need a little DIY guidance on WordPress, here's a Creative Live course for getting started. It's a little dated, but is still super useful in understanding how to set up a site. More resources are coming soon!


Holistic + Living

My Trusted CBD Goodness

Joy Organics is my go to for a pharmaceutical grade, broad spectrum (THC free) CBD oil. I have special coupons for my readers that I receive each month, so please click here for the latest coupon codes. And, my evergreen code for 20% off any product at anytime is: CSTREETSPEEPS

Lazarus is another brand that I trust and use mostly for their pet products and massage oil. They use a different type of extraction process that keeps their products on the more affordable side and also offer special discounts for veterans, active military and low income qualifiers. I’m all about their mission for making CBD accessible to as many as possible!! Here's my evergreen coupon for 10% off: SIMPLELIFECBD

Essential Oils

Essential Oils are part of my daily routine. I kick off my day with an energizing citrus diffuser, apply some protective oils before I leave the house, spray my body down with citronella to ward off the mosquitoes, spray my car down with a little lavender as I hit the tourist traffic and wrap my day up with a calming diffuser blend. But finding affordable, therapeutic grade oils that don’t cost a fortune or require a membership is a challenge. Until now!!!

I recently discovered Simply Earth, a fabulous essential oil company created by two friends on a mission to detoxify people’s homes. I signed up for their monthly recipe box and I couldn’t be happier!!!

If you use my code: NOMADICCRYSTALSFREE you’ll get a few special treat if you subscribe to the recipe box! A free $40 gift card along with the Big Bonus Box AND a free essential oils course! They donate 13% of the profit from each purchase towards organizations working to prevent human trafficking. All of their oils are pure, ethically sourced, third-party GC/MS Tested.


Whole Food Nutrition

Whole food nutrition is vital component to simple living. Staying healthy and avoiding toxins starts with a solid nutritional foundation. I’ve used Juice Plus as a whole foods addition to my daily diet for three years now. Along with CBD and mushrooms, it’s a must-have in maintaining my health and embracing a holistic nutrition. Juice Plus is simply fruit, veggies and berries that are vine-ripened, picked from family, non-GMO farms, juiced, dried and placed into a capsule or gummie. That’s it. Nothing else. If you’d like to learn more, please click the link above. Feel free to email me so we can have a deeper conversation about your nutritional goals and see if JuicePlus is right for you!

Tiny Farms (AKA Tower Garden)
In today’s unpredictable world of vulnerable food supply chains, having fresh produce on your back porch is more than just a luxury— it’s a security blanket. Growing food in a small space with limited resources and zero growing knowledge is possible with a tiny farm. Click here to learn more about Tower Gardens and if it’s the right option for your home. Email me if you have questions or want to hop on the phone and learn more about it.


Medicinal Mushrooms

Medicinal Mushrooms are my jam! I have a few brands that I love dearly and one of them is Naturealm. I highly recommend their Sacred7 blend for drinks and coffees.



Learning About Holistic Nutrition & Living

Education about holistic nutrition can be overwhelming when you’re first getting started. It’s why I’m so grateful Commune has an entire section of courses dedicated to holistic nutrition created by the top healers and doctors in the field. Here are my favorites.

Deep Relaxation with Tracee Stanley

Simple Self Care

Balance Your Hormones

Free 14 Day Trial – Be sure to check out the courses by Dr. Hyman and the entire section titled “Health”  for more videos to help you embrace holistic living.


Soul + Desire

Desire Mapping & Fire Starting

Danielle Laporte’s work is a part of my daily rituals and has been for a decade now. Her work is so powerful that I decided to become a licensed Desire Map Facilitator a few years back. You’ll find her work sprinkled throughout this site as it’s a grounding element in my own simple living journey. I launch my day with her Desire Map journals, sprinkle her Truth Bombs throughout my day and usually wrap things up with a meditation or some reading from White Hot Truth or Desire Map.

Here are my favorite books and meditations. If you’re interested in going deeper into her work and would like to explore a 1-1 coaching experience with Desire Map or Fire Starter Sessions, please email me.

I’ve also posted her links to the Commune Desire Map course below and I HIGHLY recommend taking it!! Danielle delivers the content with grace and beauty! And, if you’d like to become a facilitator of her work, please reach out to me with any questions!

Desire Map Course on Commune

Divine Connection

Essays & Articles

Contracting to Breathe

Contracting to Breathe

In yoga, we expand in order welcome in the deep restorative breath, the pranayama that is the life force and the actual point of yoga. The expansive breathe that powers our physical yoga practice is the vital element that powers the body and mind to the ultimate goal...

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The Cost of a Job

The Cost of a Job

Originally published on my Steem account in 2018. One of my favorite books that never strays far from my bedside is *The Good Life Lab by Wendy Tremayne* It’s sort of like a manual for embracing a completely decommoditized life, off the grid, in the waste-stream and...

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