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We’ve all heard the buzz around CBD oil. This medicinal plant is a powerful tool that empowers the body to heal itself. But knowing where to start and how to avoid the plethora of useless CBD products on the market can keep many people from embracing this plant. And that reality just can not stand. Not on my watch. I’m a little passionate about this plant, can you tell?

Let’s explore the very basics of starting your CBD healing journey. If you’re looking for a deeper dive into CBD and cannabis, please click here.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is produced from the decarboxylation process from either cannabis or hemp. This process produces a multitude of cannabinoids, the two most popular being THC and CBD. CBD is considered the “medicinally active cannabinoid” and is the legal, non-psychoactive compound in CBD oil products. THC is also a super-powerful healing cannabinoid and if you’re living in a state where medical or recreational cannabis is legal, I highly recommend finding a trusted dispensary and consulting them on how to get started on your medical cannabis journey. Click here to explore the basics of cannabis.

CBD is derived from two main sources, hemp or cannabis. Hemp CBD oil is also called Broad Spectrum CBD and contains zero THC. Cannabis-derived CBD oil is classified as Full Spectrum and contains under 0.3% THC and does not cause psychoactive effects (the “high” feeling from larger amounts of THC). There’s no real answer to which one is better, it boils down to your body, what ails you and what’s legally allowed in your state.

I’ve worked with both. When I’m in Arizona for the winters, I have access to a homebrew full-spectrum CBD oil and THC flower, so I couple the two together. Studies have shown that both THC and CBD together help accelerate the healing process by creating an entourage effect.

When I’m on the East Coast, I use a broad spectrum CBD tincture and a full spectrum vape juice. I normally prefer full-spectrum but decided to give a premium broad-spectrum a whirl and I’m loving Joy Organics’ tincture.

There is no right and wrong answer for which is best, you simply have to try them both, keep a journal of how your body feels and decide which type of CBD serves your needs best. To explore the differences between CBD and Cannabis, please click here and take a deeper dive with me!

Quality of CBD

It drives me batshit when someone asks me about CBD and then says, “I tried it and it didn’t work for me”. I then ask what type they tried and where it was purchased. The standard answer includes, “their neighbor, the flea market, a gas station, the drugstore, etc”. I can’t stress this enough, the quality and source of your CBD oil IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IN EFFECTIVENESS. Yes, you can find cheap CBD in a gas station, swap meets, or the local Wings nestled in between the beach chairs and a helmet with straws that holds your beer cans. I guarantee that’s some shit-ass product, with trace amounts of CBD, questionable and toxic extraction methods, and chemical-laden carrier oils.

Hemp-derived CBD requires more hemp plants to achieve the desired CBD ratios. If that hemp is from a cheap or industrialized production facility, you can be assured that it will contain a plethora of toxins. Cheaper hemp or cannabis will also be missing the vast menu of terpenes and flavinoids that give the CBD its healing powers.

Your CBD product should have test results listed by batch number on the producer’s website. The label should clearly state what’s in the bottle and how to access the test results for that specific batch. Many premium products will have a QR code on the bottle’s label or packaging that will take you directly to the test results for the product’s batch. The producer’s website should also talk about their growing or sourcing process, quality controls, and extraction methods. If your product does not have testing results, do not use it. Period.

Extraction methods are how the producers take the plant flower and produce the cannabinoids. Extraction is a precise science and the methodology is ever-evolving. Less expensive, but still very effective, CBDs use an ethanol extraction process, which is chemical-based. More expensive oils use a CO2 process to extract the healing goodness from their plants. Knowing these methods on your chosen products is important to understand the effectiveness of CBD and your body’s ability to heal. I use both ethanol and CO2 extracted products in my daily regimen of CBD intake.

Here's an example of test results on the packaging of Joy Organics. Simply snap that QR code and you'll see exactly what contents are in the bottle. If your product doesn't have a method for checking test results, don't buy it!

Joy Organics is a top 10 CBD brand and the only company currently certified for organic CBD by the government. I've used this product for years and can't recommend it highly enough. Check my campaign page for exclusive monthly specials for my readers!

Getting Started

Step One: Identify your WHY

The first step to understanding why you want to invest in CBD oil in the first place is knowing your health goals and intentions. Clearly state exactly what health issues you wish to address using CBD. Pain management, mental health (particularly anxiety and depression), cancer, chronic inflammation, or immune-strengthening are some of the common reasons. But there’s a whole plethora of issues and ailments. Make a list and keep a journal about the top issues you wish to address.

Step Two: Know Your Budget

CBD is not an inexpensive addition to your monthly budget. Know your budget before you start shopping. Look at the money you’re spending to manage the health issue too and factor that into your planning. If you’re spending a large amount on pain management, and you find the right CBD dosage that works on your body, you can reduce the spending on pain management.

Prices vary wildly, but for a quality product, prices will start at $35 and up for tinctures. The intensity of the health problem will also impact the type of oil you need to purchase. For example, mild, everyday anxiety can be addressed with a smaller dosage of 500ml which runs between $35-55 per 30 ML bottle, which equals about 17mg per dose or 500mg per bottle. Intense pain or chemotherapy management may require a heavy dosage of 1500mg or more per bottle which averages to about 45mg per serving. Those high impact tinctures usually start around $100 and can reach into the $200 range. Again, these dosages will vary based on how the CBD is produced and bottled.

You may also find that a combination of products can save you money. Tinctures and vape or softgels with gummies or some various combination may allow you to buy a less expensive tincture because you’re also taking additional dosages through the gummies or vape. Your body also reacts to the plant differently based on how you consume your CBD. Please click here to explore dosing and intake methods.

Step Three: Find A Trusted Local Dispensary

Now, this may not be possible for everyone, so I’ve placed some trusted sources I use at the bottom of this article. But if you have a small, local dispensary in town, it’s worth visiting and asking lots of questions. If the salesperson doesn’t have answers, just politely take some brochures of their biggest sellers and hit the interwebs later, or look for a better shop. Many health food stores will sell CBD, but their salespeople only have a surface level knowledge of product lines. But find a good, small dispensary and the salespeople will talk for hours about their products. They should be straightforward, extremely knowledgeable, and simply want to help you find the right product for your healing purposes. Anything less is suspect.

Your relationship with your dispensary does matter. You want to trust their product selection process and know that your shop wouldn’t put dangerous or low-potency products on their shelves. You also want to be able to speak with them about adding new products into your toolkit and be taken care of by someone who cares.

I rarely purchase on my initial visit to a dispensary. If I do, it’s usually a less expensive product, like a gummy or vape. I write down the products they recommend and then I go home and research the producer, read their test results, and look at their cultivation and production methods. I tend to get overwhelmed in shops with options that are numerous or new to me. I like to think about it. I take the shop owner's business card and email or reach out on social with quick questions. Then I return and spend money. As often as I can afford it.

Step Four: Purchase Your CBD Goodies

This one’s simple! Purchase your products and give yourself some props and gratitude for making an investment in yourself!!

If this is all overwhelming, and to be clear— that’s normal, I’ve carefully researched and used the products listed at the bottom of this article and they are my go-to producers for CBD.

Step Five: Purchase Your CBD Goodies!

This one’s simple! Purchase your products and give yourself some props and gratitude for making an investment in yourself!!

If this is all overwhelming, and to be clear— that’s normal, I’ve carefully researched and used the products listed at the bottom of this article and they are my go-to producers for CBD.

Step Six: Take the product and document your journey!

Journaling is a key element in understanding what’s working and what’s not. Keep a simple daily log of when you take your doses and how much you take. At the beginning of the day, log the issues or feelings you wish to address with your doses. Then, at the end of the day, write down exactly how you feel and if/when you noticed subtle shifts in your body or mental state.

Keep detailed notes at the beginning as you search to find your optimal combination of products and dosage. Click here to get a very quick introduction to dosing.

Give yourself at least 30 days to notice the healing elements. Some issues will notice immediate relief. Muscle or joint pain may find immediate relief from a CBD salve and then less pain onset after 30 days of internal tinctures as well. Tinctures (taken under the tongue for 30 seconds), can act fairly fast but the immediate impacts wear off after a few hours where a gummy or CBD infused food product may take an hour or so to work, but last longer because it’s metabolized.


And that's it! Keep scrolling for my trusted brands or email me with questions or articles you'd like to see me produce to help support your healing journey!


Self education is key when introducing cannabis into your life. I highly recommend taking courses and reading books to deeply understand how the plant interacts with the human body, and the larger society in general. Visiting local CBD or Cannabis dispensaries and asking lots of questions is also a great way to learn.

Most employees and owners of dispensaries are passionate cannabis and CBD connoisseurs and also advocates of the plants uses and roles in society. If you’re addressing complex medical conditions with the use of the plant, please find qualified medical guidance and work closely with an expert to create a plan.

My Trusted CBD Products

Joy Organics Broad Spectrum Tincture
Joy Organics is a premium producer of organic CBD and is a family-owned operation out of Fort Collins, CO. They offer both broad & full spectrum organic CBD products, including certified organic lines. Be sure to use the code: CSTREETSPEEPS to get 20% off your entire order or check my Joy's campaign page where I post the month's special sales available exclusively for my audience!

Lazarus Naturals
Lazarus Naturals produces high-quality CBD with an emphasis on affordability & accessibility for all and is a small operation based out of Oregon. They also offer special reduced pricing for veterans and low-income populations. I love everything about that!

Funky Farms

Funky Farms is my go-to for CBD vape cartridges. I've used them for several years now and they are phenomenal! I mostly vape CBD while driving– no more road rage!


Green Flower Media Link to Fundamentals in Cannabis
Green Flower CBD Certification
Green Flower Medical Cannabis Certification

Green Flower Media also offers shorter courses designed to educate you on the basics of cannabis or CBD and they also have tons of free content. Their certifications are also being utilized by universities to begin offering degrees for multiple aspects of the cannabis industry. Green Flower Home Page click here.

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