Trusted Brands

Holistic health and wellness options can be overwhelming! I began my journey into organic goodness 23 years ago after an allergic reaction to something I'd used all of my life! I began a lifelong journey to understand the connection between nutrition and wellness. I've developed a toolkit of trusted brands over the years and I share them with you here– along with some special discounts. The links below will take you directly to these trusted vendors websites using affiliate links and for most of them, I get a tiny commission and you get a specially coordinated discount! I only share brands that I trust my health to and use on a daily basis. Please email me for deeper questions or clarifications.

I Use Daily…

Joy Organics CBD

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Sacred7 Murshrooms

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Simply Earth Oils

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JuicePlus Gummies/Protein Shake

35+ Fruits, Veggies & Berries in one capsule. Click here to learn more


Making Coffee Healthier with Mushrooms & CBD

When coffee shops shut down for Covid, I For most of the past decade, I've spent my mornings working in a coffee shop, lulled into creativity from the buzz of humans chatting and sipping delicious espresso shots. Straight. When the world shut down in...

Six Simple Steps To Start Using CBD

Six Simple Steps To Start Using CBD

The Quick Skinny on CBD... We’ve all heard the buzz around CBD oil. This medicinal plant is a powerful tool that empowers the body to heal itself. But knowing where to start and how to avoid the plethora of useless CBD products on the market can keep many people from...

Getting Started with CBD & Cannabis

Getting Started with CBD & Cannabis

"Where do I start? It's all so overwhelming! Help!" A subtle deer in headlights look follows those questions with almost every conversation I have with a newcomer to cannabis. In this article, I’m going to walk my cannabis new-comers through the very basics and set...


Staying Simple In Your Business

Staying Simple In Your Business

...For those among us with the bend for entrepreneurialism, even on the smallest of scales, simplicity isn’t a point of pride. The business world is all about the hustle, growth, expansion and exorbitant profits. But what if it’s not? What if now, in this uncertain...

Contracting to Breathe

Contracting to Breathe

In yoga, we expand in order welcome in the deep restorative breath, the pranayama that is the life force and the actual point of yoga. The expansive breathe that powers our physical yoga practice is the vital element that powers the body and mind to the ultimate goal...